‘CONTRACT AWARD’ Control Room B £50k


Edenbeck have been awarded an interesting project at London Underground Greenwich Generating Station.

All asbestos removal works will take place utilising BS8520:1 wet suppression and under fully controlled conditions and negative pressure utilising BS8520:2 negative pressure machines. BS8520:3 class H vacuums will be used to shadow vacuum during the asbestos removal process. These controls will ensure asbestos fibre release is always kept to a minimum.

These works will see Edenbeck completing a full turn key solution utilising resources from both our asbestos remediation and facilities management divisions. The efficiencies of using this one stop solution from Edenbeck will resul in our client enjoying both budget and timescale efficiencies.

The Greenwich Power Station is a standby power generating site, that has the capacity to produce enough energy to run the entire London underground system if there is a part or complete loss of power to the grid.

The facility was commissioned in 1906 as a coal powered power station. The site now runs on gas. The facility produces 117.6 megawatts at 11000 volts which can be increased to 22000 volts to supply the London Underground Railway system as and when required.

These works will be completed in April 2022. Please keep a look out for further developments on this project.